Maru Math

( K to 12th Grade )


Maru Math Program In order for students to improve and build strong  problem solving skills, students will learn fundamental drills for basic math foundation and further complex math concepts . In contrast to Kumon style math program or other math programs, our course materials cover many word problems and logic questions that incorporate critical thinking strategies. 

  • Progressive practice on basic arithmetic and learn the strategies for word problems

  • Composed by Director Justin's selected problems of teaching resources

  • Small Group or Private session

  • Qualified Teachers & Maru's exceptional teaching

Subject : Math Foundation,  CCSS(Common Core State Standard), Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II, Pre-Cal, AP Calculus I, II, Math Competition (AMC, Math Count, AIME, KANGAROO MATH)    


Maru Play Math

( 2  to 8 years old )

An interactive and entertaining method for kids to learn and develop through Maru Play Math Program

  • Kids STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Activities

  • Fun Educational Games and Toys

  • Kids Critical Thinking Program

  • Small Group Class


Maru English

( Pre K to 8th Grade )

Maru English Learning Programs are designed for each student's educational needs.

  • Journeys Common Core: A suitable English program for Common Core State Standard, in which students learn Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing.

  • Maru Reading & Writing: At the Maru Book Club class, students read a list of recommended books available at the Maru Library and have in-depth discussions and write book reports to organize their thoughts.

  • Public Speech : Students develop skills in critical thinking, speaking, and presentation. Students practice research and writing skills under a specified topic, and they regularly conduct presentations.

  • Book Club

  • Phonics / Kids English : 3 to 5 years old

After School Enrichment

( K to 6th Grade )

After School Enrichment Program:  Maru Academy offers school homework assistance as well as additional educational needs prepared for each student's level. Unlike other after schools, we work to improve children's creativity with special classes like art and Maru Math Play. Maru creates an enjoyable and inspirational learning environment to foster students' potential for educational success!

Book Summary, Art Class, Steam Projects, English, Math, Home Work Help, etc...                        

  • 2 days a week / 3 days a week / 5 days a week

  • From 3:00 pm (Dismissal) to 6:00 pm (Late Pick-up Available)

Maru Art Lab

( 3 to 8 years old )

Maru Art Lab shapes students' artistic endeavors with diverse art projects.  Students will cultivate basic art skills and work on various projects that will nurture their creativity and passion for art.

  • Maru Art Lab Jr. : 2 to 3 years old

  • Maru Art Lab : 4 to 5 years old

  • Small Group Class


Maru Kids

(Preschool & Kindergarten Prep)

( 2.5 to 5 years old )

Maru Academy Kids Fun Education Program A membership program that focuses on developing toddlers' creativity and cognitive abilities.

Scheduled educational program includes total of 10 hours of special learning program (standard for full time students) run by a dedicated full-time professional instructor. Other institutions usually charge a fee for such programs.

In addition to special program, our multitude purposeful activities help children obtain various educational knowledge, and develop their intellectual growth in preparation for preschool and kindergarten.