Maru Academy started at Orange County Irvine in 2013 in response to California students and parents’ requests for the After-School Stem Program.

Maru Academy helps the following students

1. Who is difficult to keep up with school classes due to lack of foundation.

2. Who need help in preparing for Advanced classes such as AP, Honors class, etc.

3. Who need help in taking regular or online classes during vacations.

4. Who prepare for a math contest (AMC, AIME, etc.) and a science contest.

5. Who need help in their study through Home Schooling.

6. Who need assistance in the learning process by any means.

Maru Acadmy provides a small group session and 1:1 private tutoring session.

All teachers are either education majors or STEM majors prepared through training by Maru Academy.

Maru Academy is currently helping students at all levels excel in California’s Common Core State Standards.

We have plenty of sources in Curriculum that can help students to learn deeply in the content. We provide students learning content that can adapt to the changing educational environment in California.