School Math

GPA Management

Maru Academy is teaching students from K to 12th Gr. appropriate curricula to prepare for the Honors Class and AP curriculum including all courses taught at Common Core State Standards. The Problem Solving Skills program developed by using Maru Academy’s own practice materials can help with GPA management in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry and physics, by developing adaptability to word problems and challenging problems.

Test Prep

SAT 1, ACT, SAT subject

Maru Academy works together to prepare for standardized tests such as SAT and ACT, as well as school math-related content in regular classes. By learning Test Prep problems together, students can review and develop problem-solving skills at the same time. In addition, we also provide a Boot Camp for preparing the SAT and ACT, which will be of great help to students who need to prepare for the test in a short period of time.


Math Competition

AMC 8, AMC10/12, AIME…

At the Maru Academy, you can prepare math competitions such as AMC 8, 10/12, AIME, and USAMO. Maru Academy’s Math Competition Program, which was launched in 2017, has made a remarkable achievement for about 70 % of all students who have participated in AMC10, have qualified for AIME. The systematic Math Competition Preparation Program allows students to develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills, which leads them to succeed in math competition. Ultimately, it helps to students to be ranked at a higher position to be accepted into STEM majors at TOP 15 universities.